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mydollheart's Journal

Dizzie Miss Lizzie
26 September
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I don't really know what to write because why anyone want to read about me it beyond me.

I am a plain jane
I am a dork
I am a bitter person and can't help it
I love music
I talk way to much especially about music
I live in a boring little town in south jersey
I think to much
I worry to much
I curse to much

Anything thing else see my likes

Oh I keep this Journal mostly friends only. Sometimes I forget but don't get offended If I don't add you back sometimes I don't notice I have new friends....OPPPPS

"it was as if someone had spread butter on all the fine points of the stars
cause when he looked up they started to slip" Patti Smith

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80's music, almost famous, alphie, angelina jolie, anything i've forgotten, babes in toyland, babies, baby clothing, bad words, being a dork, being alone, being mean, being scared, bettie page, bijou phillips, bikini kill, black eyeshadow, blondie, books, bootlegs, bracletts, brad renfro, bratmobile, bully, bust, caroline rue, cat power, cheese, christmas lights, clea duvall, concerts, courtney love, disney world, diy, dominque swain, donald duck, donna f, dorks, dvds, eddie and the cruisers, edward scissorhands, elizabeth taylor, elton john, eric erlandson, feminism, fender tornados, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, free kitten, gene pool, ghost (lost souls), girl, girl love, grrrl drummers, grunge, guitars, harmonies, hole, hole.com, jack off jill, jessika's voice, jill emery, jimmy eat world, joan jett, johnny depp, julie ruin, juliet lewis, kat bjelland, kevin spacey, kim deal, kim gorden, kristen pfaff, kurt cobain, l7, lee ronaldo's voice, les paul guitars, leslie hardy, letigre, lilys, livid, lolita, lunachicks, lydia lunch, marilyn monroe, melissa auf der maur, melodies, mia zapata, molly doll, music, my band, my guitar, my kitties, nail polish, new york city, nin, nirvana, oldies, pasty cline, patti smith, patty schemel, pink, pink hair, placebo, portugal, praying violently, queen, reading, red hair, revolutions, richie, riot grrrl, samantha maloney, scars, screaming, seattle, singing, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, stars, sub pop, switchblade symphony, tart, the 50's, the beatles, the butchies, the carpenters, the chubbies, the donnas, the gits, the gossip, the lunachicks, the melvins, the muffs, the need, the pixies, the runnaways, the smokers, the white stripes, the who, thrift stores, tim burton, tori amos, trading, tribe 8, trixie, tunes, tuuli, vinyl, zines


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